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Policy Issues

Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)

IGR are the processes and institutions through which governments within a political system interact. While the concept of IGR is traditionally associated with federal systems, scholars maintain that IGR mechanisms can and do play a key function in unitary systems as well. IGR can potentially be a game-changer for the BARMM as unilateral decision-making in the national government can be transformed into shared understanding, mutual respect, and interdependence, with genuine collaboration amongst stakeholders.

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Public Finance Management and the Block Grant

Public finance management refers to the effective collection and allocation of funds by the state. The block grant is an area of concern in the BOL. It represents 5% of the national revenue collections and shall be automatically released to the Bangsamoro government, subject to its full control. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall pass an annual appropriations law allocating the block grant to the different agencies and programs with education, health, and social services assigned with the highest budget priority.

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Parliamentary and Electoral Systems

A new feature in the Philippine Government is the creation of a regional parliamentary government in BARMM. The Bangsamoro Parliament is comprised of 80 members: 50% shall be representatives of political parties elected; not more than 40% shall be elected from single-member districts; and at least 10% shall be reserved seats and sectoral representatives. Unlike the ARMM Regional Governor, the BARMM Chief Minister is not directly elected by the people, but by elected Members of Parliament.

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